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About Us
"Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself." 
- Henry David Thoreau
More About Us
Our farm here at Ideuma Creek is more than just a plot of land on which we raise some animals.  It's a special place where joy and success are measured in extraordinary ways. 

There's joy in apple blossom filled trees in the orchard each May.  Joy is in the hearing of the first spring peepers calling at the night.  We feel it when the sugar maples turn brilliant colors each fall.  It's there when we watch the cria racing in the pastures on cool summer evenings.  It's in finding the toad each summer in his spot by the water pail.

At Ideuma Creek, success is measured in the size of the pumpkins growing in the gardens.  It's in the number of healthy cria each year opening their eyes for the very first time.  It's the time we get to spend with the grazing herd.  It's the number of bird nests we find filled with alpaca fiber.  It's the goslings our returning pair of geese raise in our pond.

Life at Ideuma Creek can be hectic and challenging. But it's a place where success and joy are measured a bit differently.  Simply put, at Ideuma Creek, success and joy can easily be found.  One needs to look no further than the barns, the pasture, and within the gardens that surround them.
John and I both teach in addition to maintaining our farm.  John teaches alternative education to 16-21 year olds at BOCES just outside of Masonville, NY, and I teach 8th grade English at Sidney MIddle School.  Although it is sometimes difficult to juggle full time careers with managing a successful, full operation alpaca farm, we love what we do.  We still enjoy teaching and being around young adults.  We believe we can make a small difference in this world through working with them.

We find time for hobbies too.  John is an avid fly fisherman, and I love to garden.  If you ever visit our farm, John will lead you to our pond filled with colorful Koi he cares for, and I will try to tempt you into strolling through the many organized perennial and vegetable gardens we love to care for during the spring, summer and fall.  Alpaca farming and gardening go hand-in-hand.  Despite our rather large herd, there just never seems to be enough alpaca "beans" for me to garden with!

We live in a small town, Unadilla, NY.  There is virtually no industry here what-so-ever.  For centuries the mainstay of our town's existence has been farming.  Our land has been continually farmed for more than 150 years.  It was always John's and my desire to continue this.  It wasn't until we found alpacas that we were able to do so.

It's peaceful and tranquil here, and we love it.  For us, choosing alpacas has been, by far, the best choice we have made that has enabled us to profitably farm and enjoy the healthy, peaceful atmosphere of country living.

It didn't take long for alpacas to become one of the biggest parts of our lives together.  We care for the alpacas together, get excited about new cria together, brainstorm problems together, work hard in the barn and pastures together, and grieve over losses together.  We attribute, in part, the success of our alpaca business to all of the time we spend together enjoying the life of alpaca farmers.
John recently wrote an article which was published in Katskill Life magazine called, "Harvesting Warmth", about the shearing of our alpacas.  Click here to read the entire article.
The Ideuma Creek 
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