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Ideuma Creek Herdsires   PHA Accoyo Zagot - $1250 - Limited Time
Featured Herdsire
Accoyo Invasion
Zagot is one rare boy, indeed.  His recently passed sire is Accoyo El Nino.  At Zagot's first fleece show, he took home a championship in fawn!
Double Feature
Breeding Package
Silver Bullet's Cria
We were thrilled when Zagot was successfully breeding girls before the age of 2!  His first cria are due here at Ideuma Creek and at Gentle Breeze Alpacas this summer & fall.  Please check back for updates!
Zagot has several cria due at Ideuma Creek in 2010.  If you'd like to see who is bred to Accoyo Zagot and when she is due, please visit our 2010 cria page.
Ideuma Creek Alpacas  |  John & Denise Jacobus  |  Unadilla, NY  |  (607) 563-9174  |  icalpacas100@gmail.com
Accoyo Zagot Cria
Elite, rare & colored full Accoyo genetics comprise our newest herdsire, Accoyo Zagot, who has his first confirmed pregnancies. At his very first fleece show, Zagot earned a COLOR CHAMPIONSHIP in lights!  He has blue ribbons in both halter and fleece.

Elite - Zagot is a powerhouse of Accoyo genetics. He is a cross of 2 of the best Accoyo parents out there. His sire is the recently deceased El Nino, considered by many to be the best son of Caligula. El Nino was described by a prominent judge as "the perfect alpaca" and took the coveted title of All American Alpaca Futurity Herdsire of the Year in 05. Zagot's dam is Astillero, a 95 import who has clearly produced some of the best full Accoyos in this country - a full brother to Zagot, Francisco (4 time champion),Stratosphere (5 Blues), & Armando who stands stud at Hilltop Alpacas. Zagot's sire & dam have both had a tremendous influence on the national herd. We are anxious for Zagot to have such an influence on our own herd.

Rare - Zagot's bloodlines are about as rare as they come. He is a medium fawn full Accoyo which is rare enough. He is the last in his maternal bloodline. His dam died when Zaggot was only 2 months old. His sire, El Nino, died just months ago. Zagot's heritage simply can't be duplicated. Zagot is 1 of only 4 fawn full Accoyos that El Nino produced. 

Color - There are a very, very small # of fawn full Accoyos out there to begin with. Zagot is a fawn out of 2 of the best white Accoyos available in this country. His sire has produced several dark brown & a true black cria & his dam has produced 2 cria from different sires that have thrown black cria. With Zagot's dark gums and nails, he has a darn good chance of producing dark cria himself.

We quite simply are thrilled to have him on our farm.

PHA Accoyo Zagot is proudly co-owned with our good friends, Kevin & Martha Cady of Gentle Breeze Alpacas. His breeding fee is for a limited # of outside breedings. 

 Awards Received
COLOR CHAMPION - light fleece - Shepherd's Harvest 2009

1st - Halter - NJ Alpaca Show 2010
1st - yearling light fleece - Shepherd's Harvest 2009

2nd - Este's Park Wool Market 2009
(Judge's Comments, "Beautifully dense & consistent fleece. Excellent weight & crimp. Well nourished)

2nd - Western NY Fleece
Sire - El Nino
All American Alpaca Futurity Herdsire of the Year 2005
1st Place Get of Sire 2004 AOBA National Show
Senior Champion 2001 Inernational Alapca Odyssey
Reserve Champion Y2K AOBA National
1st Place Y2K PNAA Show
1st Place 1999 CABA Show

Full Brother - PHA Accoyo Francisco
4X Champion & 7 Blue Ribbons
Best Brightness & Best Crimp

Maternal Brother - PHA Accoyo Stratosphere - 5 blues 

Paternal Brother - Accoyo America Centurion - 5X Champion

Paternal Brother - El Nino's Accoyo Michelangelo - 2X Champion & 5 blues
El Nino, Accoyo Zagot's Sire
PHA Accoyo Francisco 4X Champion, Zagot's full brother, owned by Heather's Acres 
 This package includes two breedings - one to our beige 8X Champion, 16X blue ribbon winning herdsire, SA Accoyo Invasion and one to our Champion fawn full Accoyo El Nino son, PHA Accoyo Zagot for just $2750! 

Zagot has champion medium fawn fleece that is incredibly soft, dense and has outstanding crimp. 

Accoyo Invasion's first set of Ideuma Creek cria have just entered shows this year, and they have done fabulous! Out of our three Invasion cria shown, two are multi champions and all three have blue ribbons. Two have achieved the coveted best brightness awards and one has the accolade of the best crimp award. 

This package allows you to add the very well respected, proven Accoyo genetics of Royal Fawn and Royal Avenger through Invasion and Caligula, El Nino and Astillero through Zagot.


Here's What the Judges Have to Say About Zagot's Fleece

"Very Uniform Fleece" - Cheryll Gehly

"Beautifully dense & consistent fleece.  Excellent weight & crimp.  Well nourished."  - SJ Maclennan

"Good Weight" - Diana Timmerman

Featured Female - Ivy
Champion Grey Bred to Zagot
Due in July 2010 with a Zagot cria, this is one investment you can't go wrong with.  Champion bred to Champion!  Visit our sales list for more information.