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Accoyo Double Feature
2 Champion, Colored, Full Accoyo Breedings - $2700

This package includes two breedings - one to our beige 8X Champion, 16X blue ribbon winning herdsire, SA Accoyo Invasion and one to our Champion fawn full Accoyo El Nino son, PHA Accoyo Zagot for just $2750!

Accoyo Zagot has settled his first females and his first cria will hit the ground this summer. Zagot has champion medium fawn fleece that is incredibly soft, dense and has outstanding crimp. He is co-owned with Gentle Breeze Alpacas

Accoyo Invasion's first set of Ideuma Creek cria have just entered shows this year, and they have done fabulous! Out of our three Invasion cria shown, two are multi champions and all three have blue ribbons. Two have achieved the coveted best brightness awards and one has the accolade of the best crimp award. Invasion is co-owned with NYALA Farm Alpacas.

This package allows you to add the very well respected, proven Accoyo genetics of Royal Fawn and Royal Avenger through Invasion and Caligula, El Nino and Astillero through Zagot.

Champions Producing Champions -
2 Full Peruvian Champion Breedings for $2000

If you're a believer that the proof is in the progeny, or that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, then this is the breeding package for you! It includes two breedings- one to our Champion, full Peruvian true black herdsire, The Scotsman and one to our beige 8X Champion Accoyo Invasion. Both boys are champions and have produced champions!

Invasion is not only an 8X champion, he also has 16 blue ribbons, the judge's choice fleece award and the best brightness award. We have shown 3 of our very first Invasion cria in fleece shows this year, and all 3 have blue ribbons, 2 are multi-champions and all three have either received the best brightness award, the best crimp award or both!

The Scotsman is a reserve color champion in true black. He also has 4 blue ribbons and has produced several blue ribbon winners in black and grey.  His daughter, Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Marnia is a multiple color champion in true black.

The champion genetics go back even farther in both boy's pedigrees. Both have parents who are champions as well. This breeding package packs a powerful punch of champion, colored, full Peruvian genetics that have proven themselves with generation upon generation of championships.

Double Dose of Vasi
2 Invasion Breedings - $3K

Invasion is just so good, you might want two breedings just to him!  His own show record boasts 8 championships and 16 blue ribbons, and now that we've got our first Ideuma Creek Invasion cria being shown, there is proof that Invasion can reproduce that elite fleece of his!  In the first year that our Ideuma Creek cria fleeces have been shown, Invasion's cria have earned 6 championships, 2 best crimp awards and 2 best brightness awards - and we only showed 3 fleeces!  To make this even more impressive, these three fleeces all competed in the most difficult class to compete in, juvenile white.  Vasi has already produced several fawn, brown and a rose grey cria.  You can feel Invasion is incredibly dense and this is backed up the science.  According to Ian Watt who tested his follicular density last year:

Follicle Denisty - 65.28
Secondary:Primary Ratio 14.4 : 1

"This is a high quality male whose primary breeding objective should be to deliver elite fleece trait genetics in any breeding plan, especially where color is a consideration" - Ian Watt

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The Invading Cuba Package
Accoyo Fiber Boost - $2200
This package is as close to a sure thing to boost any breeding program whose focus is on fiber.  Both Invasion and Cuba are unrelated, full Accoyos from the most impressive lineages.  Both have generations behind them of elite fleeced animals and each is an elite fleeced animal themselves.  Accoyo Invasion has the added accolade of having produced elite fleece offspring including Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Kaptain who is a 5X Champion in fleece, most recently at MAPACA 2010.  Cuba's 16.4 micron count, the look and the feel of his very dense fiber and his ancestors (Express and Leon) make us incredibly anxious and excited for his first cria to arrive.  This package includes one breeding to each - Accoyo Invasion and Accoyo Cuba for just $2200!

Accoyo Invasion - Beige Full Accoyo with 8 Championships and 16 blue ribbons.  Invasion is a Royal Fawn grandson and has been producing elite fleeced champion whites as well as beautiful colored cria - including 2 BLACK cria this past spring!

Accoyo Cuba Libre - Very dark fawn Full Accoyo with a 16.4 micron.  5X Ribbon Winner.  Has the sought after colored genetics of Accoyo Express and Accoyo Leon. 

You're bound to get beautifully fleeced cria with this package!
Make A Champion - Accoyo Breeding Package -
Strat and Vasi - $3500

The best way to make a champion cria is to breed to a male who has the propensity to produce champion cria.  Well, we've got two incredible ones here!  PHA Accoyo Stratosphere has only 3 years of cria in the show ring and his cria have earned more than 35 championships and more than 68 blue ribbons - in all colors including black!  SA Accoyo Invasion has only 2 years of cria in the show ring and his cria have 11 championships.  These boys both come from very highly regarded genetics.  Strat is a Legacy son - one of only 2 fawn full Accoyo herd sires that Legacy has ever produced, and Invasion is a beige Royal Fawn grandson.  Both Strat and Invasion have impressive show records themselves as well.  Strat is a five time blue ribbon winner with two get-of-sires so far in his career.  Invasion has 8 championships and 16 blue ribbons with the Judge's Choice Fleece Award and the Best Brightness Fleece Award.  It's no wonder these two are criating champion after champion!

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