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Ideuma Creek Alpacas   |   John & Denise Jacobus   |   Unadilla, NY   |   (607) 563-9174   |   icalpacas100@gmail.com
Our Quality Herd =
Our Quality Yarn

We are pourd of the healthy, strong and exceptionally fine herd of alpacas that reside here at Ideuma Creek.  it has taken us close to 20 years to establish such an elite fleeced herd, but it has been worth it.  We have won fleect awards from all over the country -  including Judge's Choice (the highest award one can earn at a fleece show), Best Brightness, Best Crimp & countless championship banners.  In fact, one of our fleeces placed third in the world fleece show  - just half a point behind the second place world fleece.  We know you will appreciate the softness and quality of our yarns and come back for more!

Alpaca offers a natural, renewable fiber that is moisture wicking, hypoallergenic and lanolin free.  It is naturally odor resistant.  Because alpaca is semi-hollow, it acts as an all natural insulator to trap warmth.  Light weight, warm, colorful and incredibly soft, alpaca offers one of the best choices in a natural fiber.

Yarn Offerings

Washable Blend 
 We feature our own exlusive blend of alpaca, bamboo with a touch of nylon and wool for added strength and durability.  Machine wash and dry alpaca yarn!

Jumbo Yarn
Our latest addition to our yarn line, these cotton core yarns are soft, unique and very fun and easy to work with.  You can create a scarf in just over an hour.

100% Alpaca
Available at our farm store and at festivals, we still do offer some yarn made from 100% alpaca and some with a touch of bamboo or silk added as well.

Patterns & Needles 
& Hooks
We have teamed up with fiber artist, Janet Povlock and master knitter, Diane Hendee to offer you exclusive patterns of our most popular items made from Ideuma Creek yarn.  

We're also excited to be able to offer high quality solid bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks in unusual sizes.  These are perfect to work with our jumbo yarn!

Ideuma Creek Alpacas
We've Improved and Moved our On Line Store
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You'll Find a Great Selection of Gloves, Hats, Mittens, Scarves, Glittens, Shawls, Teddy Bears, Yarn, and, of course, Socks!!