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Shearing, Sorting and Grading Alpaca Fiber
When we shear our alpacas, we separate and collect the different grades of fiber into different bags.  

Prime - The prime fiber, also known as the blanket or simply "firsts" is the best, softest fiber on the animal.  It is the part of the fleece that is carefully skirted and then shown in AOBA certified fleece shows around the country.  We eventually send this best fiber off to be made into yarn and products.  

Seconds - still very soft, this fiber tends to be a bit more ununiform - in length, fineness and color.  This makes it a little more difficult to process.  It still is,
however, very fine fiber and can be used for yarns and products.  We sometimes turn our seconds into rovings and sell them to fiber artists who needle felt.  Seconds are every bit as warm as firsts but perhaps not quite as soft.  So sometimes products made with seconds will have a fleece lining for next to the skin softness while still being able to provide the unsurpassed thermal qualities of alpaca.

Thirds - Yes, thirds are still soft, but again, a grade down from seconds.  All alpaca fiber can be used!  Thirds can be used for wet felting or to make handsome rugs.  Thirds are rarely used for next to the skin garments.
Ideuma Creek's 
Alpaca Core Yarn
Our alpaca core yarn is just that - pure alpaca yarn with a soft cotton core on the inside.  It makes for wonderfully chunky and chic fashions.  Because it is our Ideuma Creek alpaca, it is super-soft and warm.

A bump consists of approximately 125 yards of core yarn and weighs approximately 2-3 pounds.  Each bump is unique - in its texture, appearance and feel.  One bump goes a long, long way.  You can make 4 scarves from just one bump!  

Even better it takes Jan about 3 hours to knit or crochet up an entire bump of yarn!  Big yarn + big needles = quick progress on beautiful products!

The cost of each bump is $125.  To make sure of your success with our alpaca core yarn, we include a pattern book with 7 different easy patterns with each purchase.  And it gets better . . .you can choose your own set of needles or crochet hook to get started!  That's up to a $33 value for the needles and a $15 value for the pattern book included in the price of your yarn.

Jan also includes her personal phone number in the pattern book.  We want to make sure you love your core yarn and the products you produce with it.  Jan will help you in any way she can!

To learn more about our core yarn and maybe even get your first bump, click the link below

Ideuma Creek Alpacas
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