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Ideuma Creek Alpacas   |   John & Denise Jacobus  |   Unadilla, NY  |   (607) 563-9174  |  icalpacas100@gmail.com
Alpaca is so highly sought after because it is so soft, so warm and comes in so many natural colors!

Alpaca is next to cashmere on the softness scale and was one time reserved for only Incan royalty to wear.  It is 3X as warm and 7X as strong as sheep wool.  This means you can wear a very lightweight, soft garment made from alpaca rather than the bulky, often times  itchy garment made from sheep wool.  Alpacas are from the high altitudes of the Andes Mts.  This is why they developed a fiber with a more thermal capacity than almost any other fiber.

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You'll be pleased with our selection of hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, glittens, shawls, stuffed animals, yarn and of course, socks!