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Ideuma Creek 
New for 2017
Due June 30

Lucy & Grey Matter

Last year this pairing gave us a gorgeous silver grey girl with drop-dead gorgeous fleece.  We wouldn't be upset at all to get another one just like her!
Born 6/19/16
Accoyo Amor

Thai Orchid & Invasion

A bundle of bright, crimpy fleece from the day she entered this world, Amor has filled our barn with love & luster.
Born 6/23/16
Saint Francis

Marina & Grey Matter

Named after the saint who is caretaker of two of my favorite things - animals & gardening, this full Peruvian silver grey boy is truly a blessing!
Due June 30

Accoyo Zenith & Accoyo Avery

This will be Zenith's first cria, and boy-oh-boy are we excited.  Full fawn or darker and bred to Canterbury Farm's blue ribbon signature herdsire.
Due June 30

Accoyo Allizandra & 
Accoyo Cuba Libre

If all 3 girls go on their duedate, 6/30 will be a busy day for us!  We are so excited for this cria - a winning combination in the past of top genetics & bloodlines
Born 6/23/16

Lucy & Grey Matter

Named for my sister & her support, this full Peruvian silver grey girl is incredible.  She sold to our very first farm visit in 2017 before she was weaned.  We never even advertised her!
Due July 3

Accoyo Arlington & 
Peruvian Grey Matter

We are hoping for a grey from this pairing.  Last year we were lucky to get a beautiful rose-grey half Accoyo girl from a pairing like this one.
Born 6/26/16
Peruvian J.P.

Allizandra X Grey Matter

J.P. quickly became a farm favorite.  He has a friendly, upbeat personality and comes to get grain when you call his name.  I love this guy!
Due July 3

Accoyo Cadence &
 Accoyo Avery

One of our very best females paired with a show-stopper from Ohio.  We are thrilled with the possibilities for this full Accoyo cria.
Born 6/30/16
Peruvian Enjoy

Olympia X Grey Matter

Enjoy is one of the softest alpacas we have ever had on the farm.  She's also one of the healthiest - strong, sturdy, and a fleece monster!
Due July 11

Accoyo Ezmeralda &
 Accoyo Zagot

Both of these full Accoyos have produced black so we're hoping . . .just really, really hoping we might get a black full Accoyo this year!
Born 7/3/16
Accoyo Appreciation

Cadence X Zagot

With both her dam and sire in the top 1% for EPDs, this girl is sure to be there herself.  She's crazy dense, fine, and crimpy.  We're proud to have made her here at our farm.
Due July 11

Accoyo Rasario &
Accoyo Royal Star

We are hoping for a pure white with lustrous, dense, crimpy, fine fleece from this pairing.  It's an exciting match of unrelated genetics for us. 
Born 7/4/16
Accoyo Freedom

Rasario X Invasion

Full Accoyo and full of fleece, this very bright and crimpy boy was chosen as a future herd sire before he was weaned.  His genetics & his phenotype really are impressive.
Due July 21

Peruvian Penelope &
Accoyo Avery

Penny  is a multi-champion with 5 blue ribbons and The Judge's Choice Award in fleece.  Her cria with Avery should be spectacular. 
Born 7/9/16
 Midnight Confessions

Destiny X Grey Matter

One of the densest & crimpiest blacks we've ever had on our farm, this little boy is absolutely gorgeous.  We are excited for his future.
Born 7/11/16
 Perucoyo Warrior

Ezmeralda X Grey Matter

This full Peruvian, half Accoyo black boy is incredibly lusteous, dense & soft.  He was sold to our very first farm visit in 2017 as a future herd sire.
Due July 27

Accoyo Applause &
Accoyo Zagot

This will be Applause's 2nd cria.  This year we paired her with Accoyo Zagot for a full Accoyo fawn or darker cria who should have beautiful fleece! 
Born 7/11/16
 Peruvian Promise

Caramel X Grey Matter

Promise is a full Peruvian true black girl who is very fine, dense and crimpy.  She has a great phenotype as well as genotype.  We are proud of this little girl!
Due July 28

Accoyo Zahara &
Accoyo Zagot

We really can't wait for this one!  Two fawn full Accoyos in the top 1% EPDS.  We just know the cria will be spectacular!
Due August 2

Peruvian Destiny &
Peruvian Silver Bullet

Destiny is one of our top black females.  Bred to a top 1% EPD grey male, she should give us a black or grey cria for sure!
Born 7/13/16
 Accoyo Thoreau

Zahara X Cuba Libre

These two always give us a fleece monster of a cria.  Thoreau is no exception.  He has tons of long, crimpy, dense, fine fleece.
Born 7/19/16
 Accoyo Rally

Celesta X Invasion

Boy, were we excited when Rally was born.  A full Accoyo fawn was a surprise out of two whites.  She's got a great face & some really nice fleece.
Due August 2

Peruvian Raven &
Peruvian Grey Matter

This has been a winning match for us in the past - a line breeding to Lancaster's sire, Conan.  We're hoping for grey, but black is always nice too!
Born 7/20/16
 Perucoyo Bookta

Euphoria X GreyMatter

This full Peruvian, half Accoyo fawn boy is a knock-out.  His fleece is exceptionally fine and crimpy - and talk about consistent!  He's also one of the friendliest on the farm.
Due August 3

Accoyo Amity &
Accoyo Zagot

Two fawn full Accoyos - both in the top 1% for EPDs.  You can bet we're excited about this cria!
Born 7/20/16
 Peruvian Simplicity

Penny X GreyMatter

We were kind of shocked when Penny delivered Simplicity.  We had no idea she could produce such a dark cria.  The best thing -dark fleece w/ Penny's award winning characteristics!
Due August 10

Accoyo Mayflower &
Accoyo Zagot

Mayflower is an older girl so we were elated when we were able to get her bred.  Both sire and dam are in the top 1% of EPDs.  This means cria should be too!
Born 7/21/16
 Peruvian Fairy Tale

Applause X GreyMatter

This full Peruvian, Half Accoyo rose-grey girl is stunning.  Her fleece is crimpy, fine and consistent.  And her color . . .well you can see for yourself - a gorgeous lavendae hue!
Due August 10

Peruvian Velvet &
Peruvian Grey Matter

The last time these two were paired together, we were thrilled with the result - a silver grey girl, Inspiration.  We're hoping for a repeat performance in 17.
Born 7/20/16
 Perucoyo Mickey Mantle

Jeter X GreyMatter

Mickey's dam was born on the day Derek Jeter hit his 3,000 hit, thus her name.  It only seems apropos  to name her son after another Yankee legend.
Born 8/2/16
 Peruvian Finale II

Raven X GreyMatter

Finale is a true black girl who never leaves her mom's side.  She's pretty, friendly and a color that is in pretty high demand.  
Born 8/14/16
 Peruvian Inspiration

Velvet X GreyMatter

What a way to end cria season!  This gorgeous girl was born on my Mom's birthday and is named after her & all she has done and continues to do to inspire me.