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With 8 championships & 16 blue ribbons, Invasion is one of the top full Accoyo colored herdsires in the country. With his 2008 set of Ideuma Creek cria entering shows for the first time, it has become clear that Invasion is passing on his elite fleece characteristics to his offspring. Invasion is adding outstanding crimp, color, density, brightness & well respected lineage to his cria. 

As evident from his own show record, judges around the country agree that Invasion is an elite alpaca. Now statistics from his recent skin biopsy test support his caliber of fleece. In addition his first Ideuma Creek cria are doing outstanding in fleece shows. Using all of the tools available, Invasion keeps proving time & time again that he is a superior herdsire.

If you're looking to add density, consider Invasion's skin biopsy report done by Ian Watt:

Follicle Denisty - 65.28
Secondary:Primary Ratio 14.4 : 1

"This is a high quality male whose primary breeding objective should be to deliver elite fleece trait genetics in any breeding plan, especially where color is a consideration" 
- Ian Watt

We are thrilled with the fineness, density, crimp, coverage and color that Invasion is stamping on his cria.  He has become infamous for throwing that beautiful fiber filled face and gorgeous top knot.  Pictured above is  Shooting Star's Equonix and below Apple Creek's Adelaide.  Both are Invasion daughters.
Ideuma Creek Herdsires - SA Avenger's Accoyo Invasion - Breeding Fee $2500
Herd Sires
Show Record


Best Brightness, PAOBA - Fleece 06

Color Champion Halter PAOBA 2007 
Color Champion Fleece PAOBA 2007
Color Champion (2) Western Ohio Triple Crown - Halter 05

Reserve Champion Fleece - SEPA 06
Reserve Champion Fleece - Empire 06
Reserve Champion, SEPA - Halter 05
Reserve Champion, Buckeye Alpaca Show - Halter 05

1st - Halter, Empire 07
1st - Halter, POABA 07
1st- Fleece, PAOBA 07
1st - Halter, Maryland 07
1st - Fleece Maryland 07
1st - Fleece, SEPA 06
1st - Fleece, PAOBA 06
1st - Halter Maryland 06 
1st - Halter, Empire 06 
1st - Fleece - Empire 06 
1st - Halter - SEPA 05 
1st - Halter - Buckeye 05
1st - Halter - PAOBA 05
1st - Halter - Kentucky Classic 05
1st - Halter Western Ohio Triple Crown 05
1st - Halter - Empire 05
Invasion Cria
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Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Kaptain   (Invasion X Kapina)

"Excellent structure & consistency" - Amanda VanderBorsh

Show Record:

BEST CRIMP - Western New York 2009
Color Champion AFCNA Fleece Show 2009 (out of 52 fleeces!)
Color Champion Western New York 2009
Color Champion VAOBA 2009
Reserve Color Champion - Empire Fleece Symposium 2010
1st AFCNA Fleece Show 2009
1st Western New York 2009
1st VAOBA 2009
3rd World Fleece Show 2009 (one half point the #2 fleece in the world!)
Kaptain is owned by Leslie and Don Oliver of LImestone Creek Alpacas
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Luminescence   (Invasion X Ultra Violet)

"Spectacular fineness, density, uniformity!  Exceptional structure & brightness!" - Cheryl Gehly

"Great hand & well-nourished fleece.  Nice uniformity" - Andrea MacDonald

"Very nice fleece.  Very competitive class.  Excellent brightness.  Good staple length" - SJ Maclennan

"Excellent crimp, very fine with a super soft touch. Good density & uniformity." - Diana Timmerman

Show Record:

BEST BRIGHTNESS - Este's Park 2009 (out of 199 fleeces!)
BEST CRIMP - Shepherd's Harvest 2009 (out of 97 fleeces!)
Color Champion - Palmetto Alpaca Classic Fleece 2010
Color Champion - AOK Fleece Show 2009
Reserve Color Champion - Mide America Alpaca Show 2009
Reserve Color Champion Shepherd's Harvest 2009
1st Palmetto Alpaca Classic 2010
1st Shepherd's Harvest 2009
1st AOK 2009
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Independence  (Invasion X Rhonda)

"Very nice fleece" - SJ Maclennan
"Beautiful" - Kathy Klay

Show Record:

BEST BRIGHTNESS - PAOBA 2009  (out of 74 fleeces!)

1st - Txolan
1st PAOBA 2009
Invasion's Cria
Consistently Beautiful!
Ideuma Creek Alpacas   |   John & Denise Jacobus   |   Unadilla, NY   |   (607) 563-9174   |   icalpacas100@gmail.com

Accoyo Invasion has quite a few cria due this year!  To see which females in our herd we've bred to him, visit the 2011 cria link.  To learn more about Invasion's cria, visit the Invasion cria link.
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Roslyn (Invasion X Gianna)

"Unusually luscious handle and exceptional brightness. Wow, what a combo!" - Wade Gease

"Good Character and Brightness" - Wade Gease

"Good length to staple and brightness" - Amanda VandenBosch

Show Record:

Color Champion - MOPACA 2011
Color Champion - AFCNA 2010
Blue - AFCNA 2010
Blue - MOPACA 2010
2nd - VAOBA 2011
2nd - Txolan 2011

Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Bo Jangles (Invasion X Penny)
Owned by Prairie's Edge Alpacas

Show Record:

Reserve Color Champion Fleece - AOK Blastoff
Blue - Fleece - AOK Blastoff 2011
Blue - Fleece - MOPACA 2011
2nd - Halter - AOK 2011
2nd - Halter - MOPACA 2011
Ideuma Creek's Ridge (Invasion X Rhonda)
Owned by Prarie's Edge Alpacas

Show Record:

Color Champion Fleece - MOPACA 2011
Reserve Color Champion Fleece - AOK Blastoff 2011
Blue Fleece - AOK 2011
Blue Fleece - MOPACA 2011
Blue Halter - MOPACA 2011
2nd Halter - AOK 2011