What the JUDGES are saying about Invasion's cria
Like Father, Like Son (and Daughters)!
This past spring we had our first crop of Ideuma Creek Invasion cria.  We entered the fleece of 3 of his cria in shows across the nation.  The reults are very impressive.  Each of the 3 have taken multiple blue ribbons, Two have multiple championships.  Independence has taken the Best Brightness Award, Kaptain has taken the Best Crimp Award, and Luminescence has taken BOTH Best Crimp & Best Brightness!
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Kaptain   (Invasion X Kapina)

"Excellent structure & consistency" - Amanda VandenBosch

Show Record:

BEST CRIMP - Western New York 2009
Color Champion AFCNA Fleece Show 2009 (out of 52 fleeces!)
Color Champion Western New York 2009
Color Champion VAOBA 2009
Reserve Color Champion - Empire Fleece Symposium 2010
1st AFCNA Fleece Show 2009
1st Western New York 2009
1st VAOBA 2009
3rd World Fleece Show 2009 (one half point the #2 fleece in the world!)
Kaptain is owned by Leslie and Don Oliver of LImestone Creek Alpacas

Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Luminescence  (Invasion X Ultra Violet)

"Spectacular fineness, density, uniformity!  Exceptional structure & brightness!" - Cheryl Gehly

"Great hand & well-nourished fleece.  Nice uniformity" - Andrea MacDonald

"Very nice fleece.  Very competitive class.  Excellent brightness.  Good staple length" - SJ Maclennan

"Excellent crimp.  Very fine with a super-soft touch.  Good density & uniformity."  - Diana P. Timmerman

Show Record:

BEST BRIGHTNESS - Este's Park 2009 (out of 199 fleeces!)
BEST CRIMP - Shepherd's Harvest 2009 (out of 97 fleeces!)

Color Champion - Palmetto Alpaca Classic 2010
Color Champion - AOK Blastoff 2010
Reserve Color Champion - Mid America Alpaca Show 2009
Reserve Color Champion Shepherd's Harvest 2009

1st - Palmetto Alpaca Classic 2010
1st - AOK Blast Off 2010
1st Shepherd's Harvest 2009

Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Independence  (Invasion X Rhonda)

"Very nice fleece" - SJ Maclennan
"Beautiful" - Kathy Klay

Show Record:

BEST BRIGHTNESS - PAOBA 2009  (out of 74 fleeces!)

1st  Txolan Alpaca Spectacular 2010
1st PAOBA 2009
Invasion Produces Color Too!
Adelaide            Accoyo Necessity        Autumn Treasure                      Peruvian Roslyn                Equinox
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Apple Creek              NYALA                      River Bend                             Ideuma Creek              Shooting Star
Accoyo Invasion

Show Record

Judge's Choice - PAOBA 06
Best Brightness-PAOBA 06

Color Champion-H-PAOBA 06
Color Champion-F-PAOBA 07
Color Champion-H-WOTC 07
Color Champion-H-WOTC 07

R Color Champ-F-SEPA 06
R Color Champ-F-Empire 06
R Color Champ-H-SEPA 06
R Color Champ-H-Buckeye 05

1st-H-Empire 07
1st-H-PAOBA 07
1st-F-PAOBA 07
1st-H-Maryland 07
1st-F-Maryland 07
1st-F-SEPA 06
1st-F-PAOBA 06
1st-H-Maryland 06
1st-H-Empire 07
1st-H-WOTC 05
1st-H-Kentucky C. 05
1st-H-PAOBA 05
1st-H-Buckeye 05
1st-F-SEPA 06
1st-F-Empire 06
1st-H-Empire 06

Accoyo Invasion

Genetics - Being a Champion - it's in his genes!

Grandsire - Accoyo Royal Fawn is a legendary import whose purchase price of $600,000 was record setting.  Royal Fawn's offspring have gained 64 championships & more than 190 blue ribbons in every solid color group.

Sire - SA Accoyo Royal Avenger is a 3X Champion, who sold to Accoyos of Virginia for $435,000 for partial interest.  He has sired high qualify offspring who have taken many championships

Invasion - 8X Champion with 16 blue ribbons to his credit, SA Accoyo Invasion is one of the best ribboned colored full Accoyos in the country.

Invasion's Offspring while just at the beginning of their show careers, our Ideuma Creek Invasion cria are following right in their sire, grandsire's and great grandsire's path.  Two out of three are multi-champions, all 3 have blue ribbons & all 3 have earned the highly acclaimed special fleece awards of best brightness, best crimp or both!