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Ideuma Creek Herdsires
We are proud to offer you the best bloodlines in the country!  All of our herdsires are full Peruvian, many full Accoyo from the best genetics available.  Many are blue ribbon winners & champions who have produced blue ribbon winners & champions themselves!
Check out Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman!
Born here at Ideuma Creek on June 14, 2009, this little fawn full Accoyo is the youngest fawn full Accoyo in our herdsire lineup. His dam is our own Accoyo Venice, a Royal Fawn & Victor grandaughter and his sire is Accoyo Stratophere, 5X blue ribbon winning Legacy son.

This little guy has the softest, crimpiest fiber imaginable.  He has coverage that just won't stop - the crimp goes from his top knot down to inbetween his toes.  He's got crimp everywhere!

Truman is proudly co-owned with our good friends at Gentle Breeze Alpacas, Kevin & Martha Cady.

He has done us proud so far in the showring too!  In his first 3 fleece shows he brought home 3 championships and The Judge's Choice Fleece Award!  Since then he has also earned an additional blue ribbon in fleece and a second in halter
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It's All About
The Fleece!

If you're thinking you might want to use one of our herdsires on one of your females, ask for a fiber sample.  We'll send it right out to you!
We also offer great breeding packages - check them out!
The Accoyos of Ideuma Creek
PHA Accoyo Stratosphere
Legacy Son

35 Champion Cria
68 Cria with Blue Ribbons

4X Blue Ribbon Winner
2 Get-of-Sires
Produces Black
Co-owned with Canterbury Farms

SA Accoyo Invasion
Royal Fawn Son

8X Champion
16 Blue Ribbons
Many Champion Cria
3 Cria with Best Brightness Award
2 Cria with Best Crimp Award
Cria with Judge's Choice Award

Produces Black
Co-owned with NYALA

PHA Accoyo Zagot
El Nino Son

Champion Fawn with blue ribbons in halter and fleece

Produces Black!

Blue Ribbon Cria
Co-owned with Gentle Breeze Alpacas
Accoyo Cuba Libre
Express Son

5X Ribbon Winner

Amazing Cria!!

Co-owned with Accoyos@Double Stuff

Accoyo Ironman
Victor Son

Blue Ribbon Winner

Accoyo Truman
Stratosphere Son

4X Champion
Judge's Choice Fleece Award
Produces Black!
Co-owned with Gentle Breeze Alpacas

Accoyo Orinoco
Invasion Son

Will begin his breeding career in  2013

Co-owned with Log Cabin Alpacas

The Peruvians of Ideuma Creek
HRF Peruvian Silver Bullet
Bruxo Son

Blue Ribbon Winner

Beautiful black and silver grey cria on the ground
The Scotsman
Romantico Son

Reserve Color Champion
5X Ribbon Winner

Several Champion and Blue Ribbon cria on the ground

Elite Fiber - It's in the Genes

At Ideuma Creek we recognize that there is a little luck involved when breeding any kind of livestock.  Besides just a roll of the dice, here in the alpaca industry, we have some ways to measure and follow the success of breeding programs.  You'll find the science, statistics and the genetics behind each of our herd sires.  All of our herd sires are full Peruvian.  Most of them are full Accoyo.  Most have blue ribbons and several are champions.  In addition to this, many of our herdsires have produced blue ribbon winners and champions themselves, proving that they are stamping their elite fleece characteristics and excellent conformation onto their offspring.  When choosing a herd sire, we look at where this alpaca comes from - the genetic makeup of both parents and all the ancestors on the pedigree.  We look at who this alpaca is - how has he done in the showring, what his micron numbers are, what his folicular density numbers indicate and we evaluate his overall appearance and feel.  Thirdly, if he is old enough, we strongly consider the quality of his offspring.  Accoyo Stratosphere's cria have 35 championships and 68 blue ribbons.  Accoyo Invasion's cria have 11 championships, with 3 different cria winning the best brightness award and 2 different cria winning the best crimp award.  These cria winnings are particularly impressive when you consider Stratosphere has had only 3 years of cria in the showring and Invasion only 2!  

Accoyo Covert Operation
Invasion Son

Champion in Fleece
2 Best Brightness Awards
First Cria are Due in 2013!
Co-owned with 2 Chicks Alpacas
PHA Accoyo Royal Star
Snowmass Incaaccoyo Star Son

Impressive Ribbons at difficult West Shows
First Cria born in 2011
Co-owned with Pleasant Hill Alpacas
Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Defiant
Invasion Son - darkest full Accoyo to date!

Blue Ribbon Winner in Halter

Will begin breeding career in 2014

Co-owned with Enchanted Criations & Rocky Creek Alpacas
SRF Accoyo Cyclone
Accoyo Caliente Son

Will begin breeding in 2014

Amazing fleece!

Co-owned with Rocky Creek Alpacas
SRF Accoyo Jasper
MFI Accoyo Peruvian Titanic Son

Will begin breeding in 2014

Caligula line bred - gorgeous fleece

Ideuma Creek's Perucoyo C. Clemons
Invasion Son

Son of Two Champions in Dark Rose Grey!

Will breed in 2014

Co-owned with Randy and Cindy Hall of Round Hill Alpacas