Ideuma Creek's Naturally Grown Garlic

Our garlic is grown with no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemicals what-so-ever.  We get big, beautiful garlic bulbs with the best flavor possible because of our hard work hand planting and weeding, our watchful eye during harvest season and especially because of the nutrient rich, fertile alpaca compost we grow our garlic in!
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About our Name-
Ideuma Creek's Otche Nash Galric
After naming our alpaca farm Ideuma Creek, you would think we would pick something a tad easier to remember and pronounce for our naturally grown garlic, wouldn't you?  Not us!

Our name comes from a long tradition in my family of Russian heritage.  Otche Nash is the "Our Father" in Russian.  It is what my family called Russian Christmas Even dinner.  The Russian tradition in this dinner was to start off the meal with a clove of garlic which could either be dipped in honey or salt and eaten together as a family much like is done with wine for toasts on special occasions.  I can still hear my grandfather saying, "Here's to another year of good health" as the entire family finished off their garlic cloves.  

This tradition came with my grandfather who emigrated from The Ukraine in the late 1800s before all of the research had been done about the health benefits of garlic.  Somehow they knew that garlic and long, healthy lives were connected long before technology and research told them so.  

In later years after  Grandpa Harrison had passed at age 92, I would grow garlic for my father and keep up this tradition.  I would always bring the biggest clove I grew for my father to eat on Russian Christmas Eve.   It became a challenge for me each year to grow bigger and stronger garlic for my father to be eaten on this special night. 

This is how Ideuma Creek's Otche Nash Garlic began.  We are pleased to be able to offer our special garlic to you in hopes it will bring you the pleasure and good lasting health it has for generations in my own family.   
German White - The Perfect Garlic

German White is perhaps the favorite garlic of all.  It produces a beautiful bulb with 4-6 large, easy-to-peel cloves.  This makes German White a Joy to use in the kitchen.  It is a very flavorful garlic - not too hot & not too mild - just right for most people's taste.  The flavor of German White will sweeten when it is cooked.  It has a pleasant strong, and sweet flavor with some heat that intensifies after some storage.  German White is one of the best storing garlics too.  It is a dense garlic and weighs more per unit of volume than the other kinds and research scientists say that makes it a superior medicinal garlic.  The price is $14/pound and will be available in late July 2014.

Spanish Roja - Garlic Lover's Favorite Garlic

Garlic lovers everywhere seem to agree - Spanish Roja is the most popular and best loved garlic in America today.  The reason - garlic lovers find the flavor to be "true garlic".  Garlic guru and author of the book, Growing Great Garlic, Ron England said that this was his favorite garlic of all.  It has a very strong flavor that is hot and spicy and sticks around for a long time.  It has the deep, rich, complex flavor of gourmet garlic at its very finest.  It has been described as the most piquant garlic in the world.  Spanish Roja typically has 8-12 cloves.  It peels easily and can store up to 4-6 months.  The price is $14 / pound and will be available in late July 2014.

Elephant Garlic - Big on Size - Mild in Flavor

Elephant Garlic are huge, mild versions of traditional garlic.  It has a much less intense flavor and is rather sweet.  It is best used where a subtle hint of garlic is wanted without overpowering the rest of the food.  It's often served raw in salads or can be sliced and sautéed in butter.  It's frequently used to give a hint of flavor to soups and stews.  Elephant Garlic produces big, beautiful bulbs with a delicate flavor.  The price is $14 / pound.  It will be available in July 2014.

Russian Red - Intense, Long-Lasting Hotness

If you're one of those people who like to eat hot, raw garlic, than this variety is for you!  The raw flavor is intense and big up front, with some sweetness along with a slight and pleasant bitterness.  The heat is long lasting, like a hot-pepper.  It averages about 4-8 cloves per bulb.  The cloves are pretty, copper-veined and purple blotched.  This very full-flavored garlic stores well for a Rocambole variety.  Price is $14 / pound.  It will be available in July 2014.