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Ideuma Creek - Our Gardens
"In my garden there is a large place for sentiment.  My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.  The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful."  ~Abram L. Urban

More About Us
It seems that I have always loved to garden.  From the time that I can remember I was always digging in the dirt.  I have carried on this love of gardening my entire life.  There is something so serene about being outside at the break of dawn and working the earth.  There is something very satisfying about harvesting your own food, grown from seeds you've planted and adorning the grounds around your house with beautiful flowers.  I love being outside.  I don't mind working hard.  And I love to feel a part of nature.  In addition to alpacas and reading, gardening is my passion, one of the few things I allow myself to overindulge in.  The result is a myriad of gardens surrounding our house, barns, pastures and meadows.  Some are functional, and some - well they're just because.  I am always planning and dreaming of new gardens, new combinations of plants and new ideas.  With 140 acres to work with, I know I'll never run out of room to make new gardens.  I'll never be done.  It's a good feeling.

Gardening and alpaca farming go hand in hand.  The rich, wonderful manure that alpacas produce is excellent for the nutrition of my soil.  It is not a "hot" manure like horse or chicken manure and can be used on the gardens as a mulch right from the barnyard.  Since alpacas produce a pellet that resembles a deer, it really does make a pretty nice looking mulch that breaks down quickly and turns into beautiful dark soil.  During the winter, we can't get to our gardens.  In fact most winters, we don't even know where are gardens are for sure because there is so much snow.  During this time we pile the manure.  Again, it has worked out rather perfectly.  We use sawdust from a local sawmill as bedding material and to soak up any urine in the barn.  We also put down straw for the alpacas in the coldest winter months so they have some insulation against the very cold ground.  This combination of manure, urine soaked sawdust and straw make the ratio of carbon and nitrogen darn near perfect for the decomposition process to occur.  Without ever turning the manure pile, we watch the pile "work" all winter long.  On really blistery cold days, John and I get a kick out of seeing the manure pile steaming.  The steam rises off the entire pile, and we know it's working to produce the best compost that we'll be able to spread on our gardens the following spring.
John and I love what gardening - lots of flowers and lots of vegetables attract to our farm.  We try to live peacefully with nature and enjoy every living thing that lives here on the farm with us.  We take time to appreciate even the smallest of visitors and residents to our farm.  Last spring our friend, Kevin Cady, who is not only an alpaca farmer, but also a bee keeper, brought a hive to our farm.  He thought the bees would love all of the pollen availabe to them with the gardens and the apple orchards here.  He was right!  We love seeing the bees collect their food from their favorite flowers.  Sometimes there are so many of them, it is difficult to see the flowers!  Living here at complete peace with nature and seeing each and every day how beautiful our little piece of the world is adds to the rewards we reap from living on our farm.
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Visit Us!

Summer and Fall are Fantastic Times to Plan a Visit to our Farm.  We have lots of flowers blooming and lots of new cria playing in our pastures.  Please call and schedule your visit so we will be ready for you when you arrive.
We have several open farm day weekends, sale events-where we feature alpaca products in our farm store and garden tour weekends each year. If you'd like to be notified when special events are happening at Ideuma Creek, please join our mailing list.
Fiber Boy Package 
2 males for $600

In addition to making great manure, alpacas make great pets and companion animals, but you need to have 2!

With only 1 in every 20 or so male cria born being herdsire quality, we always have packages of beautiful, colorful boys available for sale.  They are friendly, halter trained, and have awesome fiber.  

Because we love all of our alpacas so much, we give tons of support to folks who purchase animals from us.  Even if you don't know much about alpacas or even about livestock in general, we can help you learn about caring for these wonderful animals.

Please e-mail us if you're interested in the possibility of owning a couple of companion male alpacas