2009 Farm News
What is a farm but a mute gospel? The chaff and the wheat, weeds and plants, blight, rain, insects, sun, -- it is a sacred emblem from the first furrow of spring to the last stack which the snow of winter overtakes in the fields."        - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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January 2010
 A Reflection on the 2009 Show Season

4 Special Fleece Awards               8 Championships                 18 Blue Ribbons

Not a bad show season, at all!  Our Ideuma Creek Invasion cria swept through the fleece shows, each of the three - Kaptain, Luminescence and Independence - each earning blue ribbons and the coveted specialty fleece awards of best brightness and/or best crimp.  Kaptain and Luminescence also took home multiple color championships proving Invasion can and does pass on his elite fleece characteristics to his offspring.  All three of these fleeces competed in white, the most difficult class to ribbon in.  The competition was fierce, but our Ideuma Creek Invasion cria did not disappoint!  To read more about Invasion's cria, click here.

And white was not the only color Ideuma Creek did well in!  Michaelangelo's Accoyo Ascension took home blue ribbons in fawn from Babs Manion, David Freedman, Wade Gease and Judy Schroeder.  She also took home a color championship at the AFCNA (out of 26 of the best fawn fleeces in a Level 4 show!  Visit Ascension's page by clicking here.

And Ascension is not the only fawn championship Ideuma Creek gained.  PHA Accoyo Zagot took a blue and a color championship in his very first fleece show from Andrea MacDonald at the Shepherd's Harvest Fleece Show.  Our first Accoyo Zagot cria are due this summer.  We can't wait to see these cria!  To learn more about Accoyo Zagot, click here.

Quality Ideuma Creek cria don't only come in light colors!  Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Marnia, a Scotsman daughter, made us proud by taking home her first championship this year at the Western New York Fleece Show.  Cheryl Gehly's comments were, "Lovely Hand & Excellent Brightness".  Marnia is for sale, check her out by clicking here.

Other alpacas that received blue ribbons this year were Bambi and Penny, both mature fawn girls.  One thing we really strive for in our breeding program is to produce alpacas who are able to keep their consistent, fine, crimpy fleece well into adulthood.  When our mature females who have produced several cria for us bring home blues, we are very happy indeed!  Accoyo Accolade, born here at Ideuma Creek and Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Samantha, a rose grey Scotsman daughter, both took home blue ribbons too this year.  Samantha has been purchased by Donna & Kameron Knight of Dry Creek Alpacas in Holyoke, Colorado.

Farm News
September 2009
Ideuma Creek Alpacas at The Farmer's Museum

The Southern Tier Alpacas group put together a wonderful alpaca experience for those folks visiting the Harvest Festival at The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown.  There were alpaca products for sale, alpacas to see and touch, fiber arts demonstrations and obstacle course demonstrations as well as presentations by the group's members.  We had a great time and can't wait to participate again next year!
July 2009
We Lose A Great Friend

Those of you who know me well, know the summer of 2009 was a very difficult one for me for a lot of reasons.  One of them was the loss of our beloved matriarch, Ginger.  Ginger was the very first alpaca we purchased in 1998.  She was one of three of our foundation females we purchased from Sun Valley Alpacas out in Idaho.  We have loved her ever since we first laid eyes on her. Ginger was an incredible dam, giving us a cria 
every year she was with us - a total of 11 just at our farm.  Ginger was old and grew very thin over the winter of 2009.  She gave birth to a beautiful male on July 3.  We named Ginger's cria Tribute because we knew then that we would never breed Ginger again.  We planned to let her live the rest of her life grazing happily in the pastures and getting her fat again. Tribute had awkward looking legs, and we began supplement feeding him from the time he was born because he was so small, rather weak, and had trouble standing with those bent-up legs.  It was a good thing that we did.  Ginger only lasted about two more weeks.  We have been raising alpacas for 13 years and Tribute became our very first bottle baby.  We are happy to report that at the time of writing this, Tribute is over 6 months old and doing well.  We still miss his Mom very much though.  She was the one who taught us about alpacas.  Ginger came a long way - she was one of the imports from New Zealand in 1991.  She then went to live in Sun Valley, Idaho, for a few years and the longest part of her life - about 13 years, she lived with us.  We miss Ginger and our Tribute to her is taking care of her last cria for her.  Her tribute to us is giving us a wonderfully spoiled, friendly little guy that reminds us of her each and every time we see him. 
June 2009
Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman is Born!

We simply couldn't believe our good fortune when on June 14, Flag Day, Accoyo Venice, our Royal Fawn/Victor grandaughter gave birth to her very first cria, a gorgeous fawn boy who was born with some of the crimpiest fiber we've ever seen on a baby!  John did a little research (even though he's a history buff, he needed to find out for sure!) and discovered Truman was the president when Flag Day was proclaimed a holiday.  We figured Truman fit our new little boy just perfectly!  Accoyo Stratopshere, a Legacy son, is his sire, and we think he's going to follow right in his Daddy's footsteps.  We are proud to co-own Truman with our dear friends Kevin and Martha Cady of Gentle Breeze Alpacas.  Click here to learn even more about Truman.
March 2009
John's Article, "Harvesting Warmth" Is Published!

Last April 2008, our friend, neighbor, and professional photographer, Paula Friedman, came to our shearing day.  She stayed quite some time and snapped an unbelievable number of pictures and asked many questions.  Later in the week, she called and asked to come over.  She had some wonderful pictures that captured the process of shearing - from start to finish - really well.  She suggested that we write an article to go with the pictures and submit it for publication.  John did just that, and the article, entitled, "Harvesting Warmth" was published in the 09 spring issue of Catskill Life Magazine.  Click here to read the entire artilce.
January 2009
PHA Accoyo Zagot Added to the Ideuma Creek Herdsire Lineup!

Finding just the right herdsire to compliment your breeding program is a tough thing to do. When I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the likes of Zagot, well, let's just say it was my lucky day!  Zagot certainly had genetics I was impressed with.  His sire, El Nino, a Caligula son, was one of the most respected Accoyo herdsires in the country.  His dam, Accoyo Astillero, was known as a "super dam" having produced Accoyo Stratosphere, Accoyo Francisco and Accoyo Armondo in addition to several champion females.  Both Zagot's paternal and maternal siblings (including full brother, Francisco) were doing really well in the showring.  I really liked what I saw in his geneology.  

Zagot's fleece is extraordinary - dark fawn bundles of soft crimp.  His coverage amazing and his conformation as near perfect as they come.  I was shocked that he had not been shown.  Robin Widner of Pleasant Hill Alpacas informed me that Zagot's dam had passed when he was just a few months old.  He never took well to a bottle after that, and she didn't ever want to stress him by putting him on her show string.  We decided to purchase him even without ribbons.  Zagot did not disappoint.  At his very first fleece show, Shepherd's Harvest, he took a blue ribbon and a championship banner in fawn fleece!  My instincts were right.  This guy was, indeed, very special.

At the time we didn't know just how special.  Just a few weeks after our purchase of Zagot, El Nino (pictured below Zagot) passed.  This makes Zagot one of only 4 fawn full Accoyos that El Nino ever produced.  He is the last cria of Astillero and one of the last of El Nino.  Zagot has genetics that can never be reproduced.

We thank Robin & Mark for making this beautiful guy and for selling him to us.  We proudly co-own Zagot with our good friends at Gentle Breeze Alpacas, Kevin & Martha Cady.  If you'd like to visit Zagot's page, click here.

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Georgie's Girl also has some wonderful genetics. Her grandsire is Peruvian Conan, sire to Lancaster and Kodiak. She also has Canadian Accoyo genetics which are rare in this country. 

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