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  The result after nearly 40 years of selective breeding is impressive.  Baretta was able to double the annual fleece yield per animal and he had increased average body weight by 25%.  He had two separate herds – The Plantel herd was exceptionally dense with micron counts up to 24.  The Select Herd incredibly fine with microns of 20 or less.  Many of these alpacas yielded 10 pounds or more of fleece annually.  Some from the Plantel line yield close to 20 pounds!

For further evidence, there is the statistics from the 1995 Peruvian Five Star Import Sale.  Here Accoyos surpassed other full Peruvians imports as well.  Accoyos averaged 36% more weight when shorn than the other Peruvian alpacas.   Micron counts indicating fineness revealed similar numbers when comparing Accoyos to the other Peruvian imports, but with a lower standard deviation.  What makes these results even more impressive is that the Accoyos  studied were on average 18 months older than the other Peruvian alpacas!

Here in the US, the term full Accoyo refers to alpacas who exclusively came from the genetics of Don Julio Baretta’s herd.  Full Accoyos have pedigrees that can be traced back to original imports from the Accoyo herd.  These alpacas have only Accoyo genetics in their background.  They are often the most sought after alpacas in the industry because they have a 40 year head start on the rest of the national herd.  Thanks to Don Julio Baretta, here in the US we can benefit from his 40 years of selective breeding and all the progress he has made.  Full Accoyos here in the US tend to be of superior quality and tend to be able to consistently produce that superior quality through their offspring.

In the alpaca industry the word Accoyo has become synonymous with the word quality.  Of course, everything Accoyo isn’t elite, but the chances of Accoyos being superior in quality and perhaps even more importantly  passing down the genetics to consistently produce superior quality are much higher than that of the average alpaca in our national herd.  The reason is based on years and years of selective breeding before alpacas ever entered this country.

Don Julio Baretta was the owner of the Accoyo Ranch very near the village of Macasuni in Peru.  He is widely known as the most influential alpaca breeder in the world.  His Accoyo Ranch was the first to introduce the idea of fencing for alpacas at his ranch.  Rather than allowing animals to mingle and interbreed randomly, Baretta began selectively breeding his alpacas for fineness, density, character, and large bone and body size.  He aggressively culled animals that did not meet his standards for fineness or that did not yield enough weight at shearing time.
We're awfully proud of how our herd is stacking up ribbons this year.  Visit the link below to see which alpacas are winning at which shows.