Farm News - 2010 Ribbons
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Farm News
January 2010 - AOK Blastoff - Ideuma Creek Takes Home 2 Championships!
We were tickled to take home championships in both black and white - the two opposite ends of the color spectrum.  Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Marnia (a Scotsman daughter) took reserve color champion in darks and Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Luminescence (an Invasion daughter) took a color championship in whites.  If you want to add champions to your herd, consider either one of these wonderful girls.  They both will be ready to breed this summer.
Huacaya Fleece Show
Judging Criteria

1.  Fineness & Handle (20)

2.  Uniformity of Micron (8)
    Unifromity of length (7)
    Uniformity of color (5)

3.  Character & Style
    Crimp (10)
    Staple type/density (5)

4.  Brightness (10)

5.  Lack of medullation (10)

6.  Lack of impurities,stains     fleece damage (5)

7.  Fleece Weight (20)
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February 2010 - Empire Fleece Symposium - Add a Championship and Another Blue!
Because I was having trouble with my knee (surgery was just days away), we had to leave the symposium early.  I was so excited to get Leslie Oliver's call to let me know Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Kaptain took another championship!  We have entered his fleece in 5 shows and he has taken home 4 championships. The other show was the world fleece show in which we were awfully proud he placed 3rd, one half point behind the #2 juvenile white fleece in the world!  Kappy has been purchased by Leslie Oliver of Limestone Creek Alpacas. Ascension also took home her 6th blue ribbon at the Empire show.   2010 is off to one heck of a nice start!
February 2010 - Texolan Alpaca Spectacular
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Independence Brings Home a Blue!
We had our first set of Invasion cria here at the farm in 2009.  So the 2009-2010 show season was our first opportunity to show off their fleeces.  We selected three fleeces to show - Kaptain's, Independence's and Luminescence's.  All three are white juveniles and would end up competing against each other if we showed them in the same shows so I tried to show them separately all over the country at different shows throughout the year.  What has happened as truly proven that Invasion is creating some darn nice fleece on his cria!  With this new blue ribbon won by Indy, it means that 3 out of the 3 fleeces we showed are multiple blue ribbon winners - and this is in the most competitive and difficult class to ribbon in - juvenile white!  In addition Kaptain and Luminescence are multiple color champions and all three Invasion cria have brought home the coveted fleece awards of best crimp, best brightness or both of these awards!    We are so very proud of the awards Invasion's crias are earning and so convinced that he is passing on his elite fleece characteristics - especially his crimp and his brightness to his offspring.  When a fleece wins the specialty award, it means that their fleece is above every other fleece in the entire show in that category - for Indy, best brightness - for Kappy, best crimp, and for Luminescence - both best brightness and best crimp - sometimes competing with 200 fleeces or more!
March 6 & 7th - NJ Show - PH A Accoyo Zagot gets the Blue and Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman places 2nd out of 12

We co-own these two beautiful boys with our good friends Kevin and Martha Cady of Gentle Breeze Alpacas.  Our original plan was to take them to the show together, but when my knee got worse and surgery was scheduled, it turned out I couldn't go.  I'm so glad Kevin and Martha went anyway!   Zagot took a blue in lights.  Now a champion with blues in halter and fleece, the evidence of this boy being everything we had hoped for continues to grow.  Accoyo Zagot was breeding at less than two years of age, and his first cria hit the ground - both here at Ideuma Creek and at Gentle Breeze this summer.  We simply can't wait to see what Accoyo Zagot will produce!

Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman also did very well at the show.  He placed 2nd out of 12, right behind the reserve color champion in his class.  Judge Wade Gease was impressed with Truman's fleece - the density and the fineness and commented on them both.  We have great expectations for this little guy who is the product of our own Accoyo Venice, and Accoyo Stratosphere.  His pedigree goes back to Legacy, Royal Fawn and Victor.  It's no wonder Truman is as beautiful as he is! 
It's All About the Fleece!.
If you'd like to see how our Ideuma Creek herdsires, foundation females and offspring do at AOBA certified shows all across the nation, click the link below
Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Luminescence Adds Another Color Championship to her Show Record - March 13

At the Palmetto Alpaca Classic, Nessie does it again!  In back to back fleece shows she captures the highly sought after Championship in juvenile white.  Competition is fierce in whites - and to champion in juvenile whites where usually the best of the best fleeces are shown - is indeed a tribute to the fleece quality of this girl!

MAPACA - 2 Entries - 2 Championships!   May 23

Both friends Scott Young and Michelle Armour called to tell us of this great accomplishment when it happened - Both Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Kaptain and our Accoyo Ascension took home Color Championships at a very competitive MAPACA Fleece Show!  Ascension competed against 23 of the nicest beige and light fawn fleeces and Kaptain competed against 40.  Reserve Color Champion in white was CCNF Sugar Drop.
Ideuma Creek's Accoyo Truman Takes Home a Championship at His Very First Fleece Show!  -  June 19

Judge Amanda VanderBorsh really liked Truman's juvenile fleece!  She commented specifically on the handle and fineness.  He was shown in lights so in addition to light fawn fleeces, he had to compete against beige fleeces as well.  He scored 6.5 out of 8 in micron, 6.5 out of 7 in length, 8 out of 10 in crimp and 17 out of 20 in fineness and handle - all pretty nice scores for a dirty juvenile fleece that John had a hard time skirting and prepping to show.  Truman is proudly co-owned with Kevin and Martha Cady of Gentle Breeze Alpacas.
Truman &  Roslyn -  Championships at AFCNA - a Level 4 Show  - Roslyn Also Received BEST BRIGHTNESS AWARD - August 1

When we opened the boxes from this show, we couldn't believe it!   This was a level 4 fleece show - the most competitive that there is, and both Truman and Roslyn championed in it!  In addition, Roslyn brought home the BEST BRIGHTNESS award!  This was out of 350 fleeces!  Wade Gease said her fleece had an "Unusually luscious handle and exceptional brightness. Wow, what a combo!" Not bad for her very first show!

Sept 26 & October 24 Truman Receives another Championship, Two More Blues and the JUDGE's CHOICE AWARD!

Truman does it again and again!  His fleece has been entered into four fleece shows.  He has received 4 blues, 3 championships and the Judge's Choice Fleece Award!  This happened most recently at the Michigan International Alpaca Fest and then again at Gold County Gathering out in California.