Ideuma Creek's Silver Belle

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Bella's mom, Suzie, is the most reliable girl we've ever had on our farm.  She's been with us for 9 years has given us a cria every single one of those 9 years, and best of all, she tells us exactly when she is going to be giving birth!  I'm not kidding!  Suzie "clucks" either the night before or the morning of her delivery.  For those of you unfamiliar with the noises alpacas make, some moms will "cluck" to their newborn cria for the first week or so after birth.  This is some kind of message like, "hey, you're my kid - you don't belong to that alpaca over there - I'm your mom"  Moms and babies cluck and give kisses back and forth during this critical bonding time between dam and cria.  Well in 2002, we noticed that Suzie clucked a little early.  Kind of like human moms who read to their babies when they are still in the womb, Suzie began her clucking a few hours before she was going to give birth.

In the evening on July 1, when the clucking started, I had not doubt that we would be looking at Suzie's next addition to our herd soon.  John had wanted to go fly fishing that night.  I knew if I told him Suzie was clucking, he wouldn't go.  I kept it to myself and John ended up having a nice night and caught several fish.  When he came home, he was even more delighted that Suzie had another silver grey girl.  That's two years in a row!

Suzie goes early every year - day 329, 333, 335, etc.  Her cria are always large, especially for going so early and usually are well above 20 pounds.  In fact three of her cria were a whopping 24 pounds.  Bella was no exception.  Even at day 22, a record for going early even for Suzie, Bella came out completely normal in size - well actually on the very large size of normal.  She was up, dry and nursing in a matter of her first hour of life.

Our good friend from Gentle Breeze Alpacas, Kevin Cady, just happened to be here the night Bella was born.  We actually missed the birth itself because we were looking at pictures from his recent trip to Alaska.  No worries.  Suzie didn't need us - never does.  When we went out to check on her - Bella was already born and beautiful.  She is a very active girl, running through the pastures at top speeds and is good at getting the other cria all riled up so that they'll follow her.  She's a beautiful color on the outside, and on the inside, she's full of it!