Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Rare Vos Amber

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Rare Vos, RV for short, was born on July 10th.  On the evening of July 9th, I had a feeling Bambi was feeling uncomfortable.  She was humming and a bit more affectionate than usual.  If it had been earlier in the day, I would have said she was in stage one labor.  But it was late - after 9:00pm - and we all know alpacas deliver their cria in the morning or early afternoon, right?  I went to bed thinking she would probably deliver in the morning.

I must have been second guessing myself because I really couldn't sleep all that well and woke up for good at 2:30am.  I went right out to check on Bambi, and sure enough RV was making his enterence into the world!  Unfortunately his one leg was back, and I needed to help a little in order for the delivery to happen.  All went well, and RV came out big, strong and beautiful.

Bambi is one heck of a good mom.  She was humming right away and making sure little RV found her teats.  She nudged him and  talked to him until he found the mark.  How I love experienced alpaca moms like Bambi!
By the time I woke John up, RV was dry and nursing like he was days old.  When we got his IgG back, we weren't surprised that Dr. Camann said it was the highest one she's  had all year!

RV is a Silver Bullet cria so therefore we researched beers until we found one that sounded like our new little boy.  Rare Vos Amber is a beer made by a local brewery in Cooperstown, Ommegang.  They refer to it as their "sly fox" ale.  Glowing amber body, big white head, and dry spiciness from coriander, sweet orange peel and grains of paradise.  RV was kind of like a sly fox the way he tried to birth in the middle of the night with no one around.  It's a good thing I couldn't sleep that night!