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For those of you who know me, you know that when my Father died last year, it broke my heart.  Although he had been sick for a long time, we really didn't expect the fall and the broken hip to be the end of his life.  It's been a very difficult year for me adjusting to life without him.  Father's Day was going to be tough, my first one without him.  It was difficult for my sister too.  She flew in from VA and spent the weekend with my mom and me.  When she flew out first thing Father's Day morning, my mom and I decided we'd go to this wonderful plant sale and take our mind off things.  When I came home, there was the smallest, most beautiful cria we had ever seen.  He was dinky, we later learned just 12 pounds, and he was down on his pasterns and his ears were all floppy.   I quickly went to work assessing the situation, treating his navel that wouldn't stop bleeding and observing how deep the mom/cria bond was. 
After an hour or so, I began to panic.  I just felt this little guy wasn't strong to nurse as much as he needed to get that ever so important chlostorum.  I had bovine chlostorum at hand.  I quickly mixed it up and began feeding it to him with a syringe.  My mom had left before seeing the cria had been born, our vet was away for the weekend, and John was in Ohio picking up our new herdsire.  I was on my own.  I spent the entire day and evening in the barn, never once letting my guard down or taking my eyes or my mind off this beautiful little cria born on Father's Day.

As soon as Dr. Camann came back in town, she came out to see my "dinky" cria.  She said he was on the small side of normal, but he was fine.  At 12 pounds, he was by far, the smallest cria ever born on our farm.  By the time of her visit, our little cria's legs had straightened almost completely out and in a few more days, his ears stood erect.  Much to my surprise, Chris didn't need to run the bovine chlostrom check on him.  His camelid IgG was well over 1000!  Even though I wasn't needed as much as I originally thought, my father's gift - this little boy alpaca - had kept my mind and heart busy on that very difficult first Father's Day without my Dad.

John and I struggled with a name for him.  He was a beautiful full Accoyo beige boy out of our 8X Champion, Accoyo Invasion and a new girl we had purchased, Thai Blossom, who is a Zen Do grandaughter.  This guy was beautiful - fiber filled face, great fleece and a perfect little body - in minature size.  Eventually, the perfect name came to me.  All along I knew that my father had sent me this beautiful little cria - on Father's Day - as his gift to me.  It kept me busy and feeling needed all day long on a day that otherwise would have been filled with sadness for me.  The name - Accoyo Otce Nas.  My father was the son of a Russian immigrant, and he remembered a little Russian from his childhood.  On special holidays, my father would recite the Otce Nas, The Our Father, in Russian for us.  It was the perfect name.

It fills me with great sadness to tell you that Otce Nas died just a few days prior to my writing this article on him.  He was just 3 weeks old.  Otce  was undergoing surgery at Cornell University for what we thought was a bowel obstruction.  It turns out his small intestine had telescoped into his colon.  There was no hope for my little guy.  In looking for a reason, a lesson, some kind of meaning in Otce Nas's death, I can only come up with the reminder that like my father's death,  sometimes we have no control, no matter how hard we try and no matter how much we desire, somethings have to happen.  We grieve, we cry, we are filled with sadness, but we continute to live.  We continue to move forward and search for happiness and things that will make us smile - sometimes that thing is a wonderful memory of a small cria or a great man that were a part of my life for too short a time.