Accoyo Elizabeth Tilley of Ideuma Creek

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You would be hard pressed to find an alpaca cria cuter than Lizzy.  She is simply adorable with very long crimpy fiber, an adorable face and some rather floppy ears.  (they'll straighten up soon!)  We waited for Lizzy for a long, long time.  Mayflower went 359 days before giving birth to this very cute and very large cria.  Lizzy was Mayflower's first cria here on our farm.  I suspected she was in labor first thing in the morning, and she did, indeed, give birth at about 3:00pm.  Our good friend, Sue Jackson from Big Hollow Feather and Fiber Farm, was here and we watched the birth together.  A little later, another good friend, Karen Clark from Log Cabin Alpacas, stopped by.  We watched the passing of the placenta and the first attempts at nursing together.  It sure is good to have friends to share in the joys of cria parent-hood!  Between your alpacas and your alpaca friends, life is never lonely as an alpaca farmer!
We couldn't be more pleased with Lizzy.  She is beige.  Just like her daddy, 8X Champion Accoyo Invasion, she has a mostly white blanket but the definite beige to fawn back of the head, down the neck thing going on.  It's always nice for Accoyos to have color.  Since she looks just like her Daddy and her Daddy covers black, maybe Lizzy does too!

We named Lizzy after Elizabeth Tilley, a 13 year old girl who came over with her parents on the Mayflower (get it - Lizzy's Mom is Mayflower - creative, huh?)  :)  Anyway, Lizzy was strong and was one of the few who survived the first winter in the new world.  Both her parents died and left her an orphan.  She married, had children and lived to the ripe old age of 80 - a pretty spectacular age back then.  We have seen the same strength, health and stamina in our little Lizzy already!