Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Eclipse

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We have been raising alpacas a long time - over 13 years now.  We've had more than 200 births on our farm.  You'd think that I'd be a little less nervous when one is imminent, but the truth is, each and every time, I'm crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer to Saint Francis that everything goes OK.

Eclipse's birth was no exception.  Her dam, Carmita, wasn't technically "due" for another couple of days, but it was clear that she was in stage 1 labor starting in the afternoon on June 28.  Very unfortunate for me, our vet was out of town this weekend.  Luckily for me, she was scheduled to be back at around 6:00pm.

I watched poor Carmita all afternoon.  It was one of those ungodly hot and humid days.  Carmita laid on her side in front of the fan, was breathing hard and simply looked miserable.   By 6:00pm there was no progress.  I did a quick internal, but there was only room for me to get a couple of fingers in.  The only thing I could feel was a foot.  I waited for what seemed like hours.  It was actually 15 minutes, and I couldn't stand it anymore.  I picked up the phone and called Dr. Camann.  "I know you've been home for about 15 minutes, but I really need you out here."  Chris was awfully concerned because of the combination of high heat, humidity and late labor.  She was on her way.

If only I had waited another five minutes!  Before the vet got out her door, I was able to call her and tell her I saw a head and feet - the correct, normal position for delivery.  Carmita's temperature was good.  Everything was going smooth.  I could do this one on my own!

Carmita delivered a gorgeous solid black little girl (with a little help from me!)  She was beautiful and energetic right from the start.  Carmita has a history of being a great mom so I wasn't too worried about Eclipse getting enough colostrum in her.

Eclipse is a free spirit.  She likes to run with the cria in the pastures at night while her mom (who is getting up there in age) watches her from the comfort of the fans and the shade that the barn provides her.  She loves her mom though and comes back for little cria kisses and nudges her to stand up so she can nurse.