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Destiny's birth was as perfect as they come.  First of all she was born exactly on her "due date".  I figure 345 days from the last breeding as the official due date, and ten days prior or after that date are the official begin and hopefully end of cria watch for that particular dam.  Delilah's due date was June 4th.  Imagine my chagrin when there was a beautiful rose-grey girl, healthy and dry bouncing around the pasture when I got home from school.  She was nursing like nobody's business and was filled with a gusto for life - already looking to get some of the adult alpacas in her pen to play with her. 

John always says this is how he likes cria to be born.  No one is watching, and everything goes just fine.  It's all well and good if it works that way!  For Destiny, it certainly did.  She continues to make good, steady weight gain and pronk around the fields. 
Although born here, Destiny is not an Ideuma Creek alpaca.  Tammy purchased her dam a month or so ago.  We didn't want to move Delilah so late into her pregnancy, so we all agreed she would stay here until her cria was born, rebreed her, and then she could go to her new home, Cuddly Alpacas,  in somewhere, New York.  Once I saw Destiny, I couldn't wait to call Tammy and let her know the good news.  Her first cria - a beautiful rose-grey girl with some of the crimpiest fiber I've ever seen on a baby that small!  Destiny's dam, Delilah is true black and Silver Bullet, a silver grey Peruvian, is the sire.  She has loads of rich color in her background, and she herself is simply gorgeous to look at.   I'll sure miss Destiny's spunky, fun-loving personality when she leaves, but I know Tammy is going to enjoy watching her run crazily free and happy in her own fields in a couple of weeks.  Congratulations Cuddly Alpacas!