Ideuma Creek's Constellation

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We named this little girl Constellation because she has what looks like it might be a grey galaxy or some wonderful star formation running down her very dark neck.  We call her Connie for short.

Connie's mom, Oreanna, is one of the sweetest alpacas we've ever had the pleasure to own.  She's calm, she's curious, she's friendly, she's easy to work with - you get the picture.  Well her very first cria is Connie and let me tell you the apple, well in this case it fell far from the tree!  Connie is a pistol.  She's a small cria with a big image of herself.  First of all she wasted no time at all getting up and getting going.  She was exploring the barn and into the pasture in her first two hours of life!
Connie will try to encourage the other alpacas to play with her by jumping on their backs.  Well, it is hard to get someone's attention when you're only 15 pounds.  She does what she has to in order to play!

Connie was born without incident.  I only knew Oreanna was in labor because I saw a little fluid dripping from her.  I'm telling you Oreanna wouldn't complain if I asked her to walk on a tightrope!  She delivered Connie and proceeded to nurse and care for her right away.  She's a fantastic mom and Connie's IgG tied RVs whose IgG was Dr. Camann's highest for the year.  This is no small accomplishment since Oreanna is a first time mom.  Connie is lots of fun to watch and to play with.  She's as fun to be around as she is to look at.