Accoyo Cadence of Ideuma Creek

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OK, if you've read any of my birthing stories before this one, you probably already know that I love cria season, but tend to get a little on the nervous side during the actual birthing process.  Our vet once told me that I watched and observed pregnant girls so much that I could recognize stage 1A of alpaca labor.  Well, when you have a 2X champion fawn full Accoyo bred to an 8X champion full Accoyo, the nerves escalate.  Add to this the fact that the dam is going to be a first time Mom - and there's about no time that I'm spending outside the barn.  I'm there - I'm waiting - I'm ready.
I decide to go ahead and make plans to meet my mom for a quick early lunch at a diner half way from my house and her house.  I won't be gone much longer than an hour I tell myself.  John will be here.  When I go to leave, I check the barn one last time.  Of course, there is no doubt that Ascension is going to deliver - and deliver very quickly!  I run over to the house and tell John he has two choices - he can either go pick my mom up and bring her back to the house or he can help deliver Ascension cria.  He chose to help deliver.  I raced to the diner, dragged my mom into the truck just panting the words, "cria coming".  She's been around me long enough to know.  She goes with the flow and gets as excited as I do about these things.  We broke all records speeding back to the farm, we raced over the bridge in our driveway, and flew up to the barn.  I jumped out of the truck to find John with a beautiful little fawn female in his arms.  He didn't need me at all. 
Accoyo Cadence, Cadie for short, is a gorgeous fawn girl.  She is growing some of the crimpiest, softest fiber we've ever felt on a cria before.  We've had crimp - we've had butter softness, but this girls seems to have put the two together.  We're expecting her to develop into a champion and follow in her sire and in her dam's footsteps.  In addition to being a stellar-fleeced alpaca, Cadie is about the friendliest, most curious cria we have out in the pasture.  She's always nibbling at my sneakers and coming over to check me out.  Her mom, Accoyo Ascension, has proven herself to be a top-notch mom providing her with lots of milk and lots of love and protection.  I love to see the two of them sleeping together in the barn as I tiptoe out to see them first thing in the morning.