Baby Alexis

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Tammy was elated when she called me on July 1st.  Agnes had her cria, and it was solid black.  At the time, Tammy thought it must be a boy because well let's just say, she mistook the umbilical cord that was hanging down to be something else.  :)   When she got up close and personal to her new cria, she was thrilled that her little black boy cria was really a little black girl cria!  Tammy and Larry watched as Agnes bonded with her cria.  They fell in love with her instantly.

Baby Alexis was 17 pounds at birth.  When their vet, Dr Callen,  came to Cuddly
Cuddly Alpacas the next day to check her out,  he was impressed with her solid true black color.  She is one heck of a cute little girl!

Baby Alexis's dam is Agnes.  Tammy purchased Agnes earlier this year.  Agnes was bred to The Scotsman and we all were hoping that she would deliver a black or a grey cria.  And she did!  Tammy also purchased Delilah who was too far along in her pregnancy to go to Cuddly Alpacas.  She had to stay here until after the cria was born.  Tammy lucked out here too!  Delilah delivered a beautiful rose grey girl for her on June 4th.  Tammy has one more cria to go for this season.  Fionna is due on September 6th.  She's bred to Accoyo Zagot for what should be another really nice cria for her.  Keep your fingers crossed and let's all hope Tammy goes 3 for 3 in girls this year.  Congratulations Cuddly Alpacas!!