Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Abbey Dubbel

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What a wonderful surprise Abbey was!  Born on June 30th, she was the second full Peruvian black girl for us in a row.  We were delighted!  John and I had spent time evening time watching the alpacas and their cria romp and play in the pasture.  It's one of our favorite ways to end the day.  While we were coming down the hill towards the barn, I said to John, "I hear a cria".  Since all of our cria were out to pasture, that could only mean one thing - a new baby at Ideuma Creek!

When we got down to the barn we saw our new baby - just her head and legs were out and she was complaining for her mom to hurry up already and deliver her.  It didn't take long.  Renatta pushed her out.  At first we were a little concerned because it was so late in the evening to be having a cria (most are born in the late morning or early afternoon) but everything went fine.  Our little Abbey was up and nursing in no time.

We named Abbey in the tradition of our Silver Bullet crias.  Silver Bullet is, of course, a well-known beer.  We're pretty sure Hickory Ridge Alpacas didn't name Bullet after Coors Light, but it is a fun way to carry on cria names.
Since we don't drink much, naming cria after cool sounding beer takes a bit of research.  Abbey was fairly easy.  There is a local brewery near us, Ommegang.  One of the beers they've created is Ommegang Abbey Dubbel - an original brew of luscious dark abbey ale, full bodied with lots of rich malt and notes of caramel and anise.  Sounds like you're looking right at our alpaca, doesn't it?  Abbey is the sweetest, most playful cria.  She hangs out with her paternal sister, Eclipse, and sometimes it's hard to tell them apart!