Farm News - 2010 Cria
From early June through late October, 21 brand new cria will be arriving here at Ideuma Creek.  Check back often for updates and baby pictures!

Due June 4
Farm News

Delilah is a solid true black girl who is an excellent mom.  She is friendly and has a history of no-problems births.  She also has a history of going a little early, so watch as early as May for our first Ideuma Creek cria of 2010.  Delilah is bred to our full Peruvian silver grey herdsire, Silver Bullet.  Last year this pairing produced Cavalier, a solid true black male who looks very nice. 
Due June 27
Gianna's Peruvian Ivy

Well, we're thrilled about this cria coming!  It is the first for rose grey Reserve Color Champion Ivy, and the very first cria due for our new herdsire, Color Champion PHA Accoyo Zagot.  Both alpacas have incredibly fine, crimpy fleece & outstanding coverage.  This cria should really be something special.
Due June 28
Accoyo Thai Blossom

This is the first of six full Accoyo cria due here at Ideuma Creek this year.  This one should be spectacular!  Thai Blossom has a very typey Accoyo look and simply beautiful fleece.  Her first cria, Accoyo Apple Blossom is amazing.  Thai is bred to our 8X Champion, 16X blue ribbon winner, Accoyo Invasion for her cria.  This cria will contain genetics from Royal Fawn, Royal Avenger, Zen Do and Caligula.  June can't come quick enough for me!
Due June 29
Peruvian Renatta

Renatta is one of those rare maroon girls.  Her fleece is a deep, dark reddy brown.  Since we've owned her, Renatta has given us two beautiful true black cria.  Peruvian Raven is out of Conan, and Peruvian Mohician is out of The Scotsman.  Mo has been purchased by our good friends Sue & John Jackson of Big Hollow Feather and Fiber Farm.  This is the first time Renatta has been paired with a grey.  The outcome should be maroon, black, rose grey or silver grey.  Not bad options no matter how you slice it!
Due July 1
Accoyo Mayflower

#2 of six full Accoyos due this year.  We anxiously await this cria from Mayflower, a full Accoyo blend of Caligula and Vengador genetics to our 8X Champion Accoyo Invasion who adds Royal Fawn to the genetic mix.  This will be Mayflower's second cria.  Her first, Accoyo Sunflower Girl, is a large, beautifully fleeced girl who is also here at our farm and is offered for sale.
Due July 1
Peruvian Carmita

Carmita is a full Peruvian import who has produced knock out cria in her lifetime.  She is in excellent body condition & health so we decided to breed her this year despite her age.  She is another one of those dark maroon girls.  Being bred to Silver Bullet, we'd expect her full Peruvian cria to be maroon, black, rose grey or silver grey.  Again, all the options are good ones!
Due July 4
Michelangelo's Accoyo Ascension

What do you get when you breed a champion fawn full Accoyo to a champion beige full Accoyo?  We can't wait to see!  Add the genetics of Michelangelo, El Nino, Caligula, Royal Fawn, Royal Avenger & Invasion to the mix, and now we're really anxious!  This will be Ascension's very first cria, and we're betting the blend of these two elite fleeced alpacas will result in a spectacular cria, no matter what color.
Due July 4

Oreanna is due with her very first cria.  She is a wonderfully sweet girl, and we hope she can produce cria as friendly and as beautiful as she is.  We bred her to our full Peruvian true black champion, The Scotsman.  They should produce a black or silver grey cria for us.  All of our farm visitors love Oreanna.  She's as pretty and colorful and she is congenial.
Due July 6
Peruvian Bambi

Bambi is a multiple blue ribbon winning girl out of Peruvian Conan.  Her fawn fleece is butterly soft.  We had hoped that she might cover black as her maternal grandsire is Black Magic and her sire, Conan, covers black.  We were elated last year when she delivered her first cria - a black male out of The Scotsman.  We decided to breed her to Bullet this year in hopes of possibly getting a rose grey or a silver grey cria.  Black or fawn wouldn't be so bad either!
Due July 11

We did this exact combination last year and got Emily, a true black girl.  We were so delighted with the combination that we decided to try it again this year.  This pairing should produce a black or grey cria for us.  Agnes has been with us a long time, and we don't worry too much about her delivery or her cria care.  She's one terrific mom!
Due July 23
Peruvian Rhonda

We already know this combination works!  This will be Rhonda's third time being bred to Invasion.  The first result was blue ribbon winning Independence who also has the special fleece award of best brightness.  The second result was Ridge, a gorgeous white male who will begin his show career this spring.  We will continue this winning combination forever.  Rhonda's fine blue ribbon fleece is the perfect combination for Invasion.
Due July 23

I'm not counting on waiting this long for Suzie to deliver!  She has had 7 cria here on our farm and has never gone longer than day 335.  Her shortest gestation was 329, and even then she delivered a 24 pound healthy-as-can-be cria.  No, I don't worry about Suzie at all.  We're expecting a black or silver grey cria from this pairing with Bullet.  Last year we were elated when the two produced Decadence, a silver grey girl.  Suzie also has this tradition of "clucking" (something we find new moms do once the cria is born) the night before or the mornig of giving birth.  I wish all my girls gave me such a clear sign that delivery was near!
The Alpaca Gestation Period

Most alpacas will give birth in the period of 335 days - 355 days.  We calculate the due date as 345, right smack in the middle.

This being said, there are plenty of our alpacas who have completely normal births that fell quite a bit out of this range.  Stranger's Little Welcome routinely has her cria on day 319 and they average a healthy 17 or 18 pounds.  She has had 11 cria here on our farm and has never gone longer than day 326!

On the flip side of the scale we have Peruvian Buffy who holds our farm record for the longest gestation period.  Buffy is now owned by our good friends Bob and Ellie Pierson at Heather-Rayne Farm.  Buffy went just over a year, 366 days before delivering her first cria, a gorgeous brown healthy girl.

So with 21 girls due over a period of a little over 4 months, we just figure we're on cria watch the entire time!
Due August 1
Peruvian Charlotte

Charlotte took her sweet time last year going 353 days.  We're hoping she'll go sooner this year!  Charlotte is a beautiful, large boned fawn girl who is very sweet.  Bred to Bullet, their cria will be full Peruvian, and should be fawn or rose grey.
Due August 23
Accoyo Venice

This will be Venice's second cria and Zagot's first full Accoyo cria.  With the genetics matching up behind these two, we're expecting, well at least fawn in color, very soft fiber, crimpy beyond belief and coverage from head to toes.  When you've got Victor, Royal Fawn, El Nino and Caligula are your granddaddies and great granddaddies, how can you expect anything different?
Due August 30
Kapina's Peruvian Penelope

We've paired these two up before, and I'm sure we'll do it again!  Penny's first cria with Invasion was Ideuma Creek's Peruvian Sarah, a knockout girl owned by Leslie and Don Oliver of Limestone Creek Alpacas.  Penny's second Invasion cria was Peruvian Bo Jangles, a fawn boy who has some of the nicest fiber we've ever seen on a juvenile (and we've seen some really, really nice juvenile fleeces!)  These two champions are destined to produce a champion.  The question remains - white, beige, or fawn and boy or girl?  When you have fleece and genetics like this cria will, a boy is actually better!  Either way it will be an Ali-Accoyo full Peruvian cria.
Due September 2
Accoyo America Thai Orchid

This is full Accoyo number 5!  Thai Orchid is a full Accoyo out of Greg Macklem's elite herd.  Her dam is a Pacific Crest foundation import, and her sire is Zen Do, out of Don Julio Barreda's select B-Line herd.  This herd was bred specifically for fine and uniform fleece.  Thai Orchid has some very, very fine fiber!  We've paired her with Invasion for her first cria here at Ideuma Creek.  We have two of her daughters here on the farm - Thai Rose out of El Nino and Thai Blossom out of Accoyo America Atticus.  We can only hope this cria will be as nice as the two daughters we already have here at Ideuma Creek!
Due September 4
Peruvian Gianna

Gianna has produced three beautiful girls since we've owned her.  Her first, Peruvian Ivy is a reserve color champion.  Her second, Peruvian Samantha, is a multiple blue ribbon winner.  Her third, Peruvian Roslyn, will be shown for the first time this year as a yearling.  We can't wait.  Time after time Gianna has given us winners.  We've bred her to The Scotsman in hopes of getting another blue ribbon rose grey like her sister, Samantha.
Due September 6

We are excited to see what Fionna's first cria will look like!  She has oodles of color behind her.  The Scotsman is her sire, so she definitely covers black.  Paired with Accoyo Zagot, we're hoping for a colorful cria with beautiful fiber.
Due September 17
Accoyo America Amazona

Amazona is a Caligula daughter with beautiful crimpy dense fleece.  This will be her first cria here at Ideuma Creek.  What better sire to pair her up with other than our 8X champion, Accoyo Invasion?  Amazona will give us the last of our 6 full Accoyo cria due this season. It will be a blend of Caligula, Royal Fawn, Royal Avenger and Invasion, some really great genetics.
Due October 23
Peruvian Ultra Violet

We had a little trouble getting UV to catch this year.  She had a spring cria in '09, and I would prefer for her to deliver when I'm home from school in the summer.  Well, UV had other things in mind!  After messing up her cycle, we weren't able to get her bred until much later than we normally would like.  A pairing of this champion-producing dam and champion full Accoyo Zagot is worth waiting well in October for though!
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Signs of Pending Delivery

Watching and waiting for a cria to be born can be exciting and frustrating at the same time!

There really are no signs that are totally reliable.  The best indication we have found is our individual girl's history.  Some alpacas go just about the same time of day each time.  Others go just about the same number of days.  Some, like Suzie, will even have their own little signs to indicate she is about to give birth.  Here are some more standard ones:

Mammary development

Loss of cervical plug

Vulvar lengthening

Perineal relaxation

Baby kicking

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The Stages of Labor

1.  Preparatory Phase
This stage usually takes between 1 and 6 hours.  Signs are all dependent on the alpaca.  We have had some that show no signs of stage 1 labor what-so-ever.  They continue to graze and interact with the herd as normal.  Most, however, will make frequent trips to the poop pile &  hum longer and louder than usual.  Some will separate themselves from the rest of the herd.

2.  Fetal expulsion
This stage usually lasts less than 1 hour.  Once the head and feet are seen, the entire cria should be birthed within 30 minutes or so.

3. Placental expulsion
Within 4-6 hours after birth, the placenta should be expelled.  During this time some dams, especially first time moms, might seem a bit uncomfortable.  Most, however, continue right on in their stoic fashion.

Fun Fact

A high percentage of alpaca births will occur during the day.  It is speculated that this is because in the wild delivery during the relatively warmer daylight hours may increase cria survival by decreasing deaths due to hypothermia during the cold Andean nights.
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